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Maintaining Websites And Updates

Today I write about a few important maintenance tips for website owners, who's sites are a few years or older, maintaining websites, running scripts like wordpress etc and keeping them updated, get rid of old worthless content, dead links that don't work anymore, site load time, pop-ups everywhere and so on. What may have worked a few years back is probably worthless today for scripts running on websites and software that your trying to sell or giveaway but doesn't work anymore for newer computers.

Our Site Cleanup And Fixes

This subject may not be important to many, but just maybe it will be of help to some website owners, I'm Joe the webmaster and CEO of Free Income Site and a few other domains, and thats what I'm doing here on this website. In fact its not just a cleanup and fix, it's more like a new website as you can probably see I'm still working on it. It all started out because I recently changed a main domain name to, and so this created a lot of work, 8 years of work I had to go through on my server and man did I have a mess. Originally when I built the site I mentioned above I was using XSitePro software who recently went out of business as many may know, even XSitePro was messy the way it created a website, so I cleaned up all that mess up, I had to rename all the directories, emails accounts, found stuff that was no good or just worthless, blog sites didn't work, test work I had forgotten about and more.

My biggest problem I had was the blogs and scripts I was running, and this is because I didn't keep them updated or the scripts were no longer available for updating, when the hosting servers recently did there upgrades I was unable to update my wordpress blogs, unable to update wp error, is what I would get, my other scripts I was running, worthless. I was able to read what was on the blogs and I even saved it, but it was all old content and worthless for today, including links to them. So I deleted the blogs, then I used this site as a test site, I wanted the best all-in-one CMS (content management system) running this site, after doing a lot of research on who really had the best easy to use and secure system I installed it here, the developers keeps there work updated, all the plugins are free, its more secure than wordpress, its easier to use, for me anyway.

As for the other scripts I was running, I just deleted them because they no longer worked with the latest server upgrades, and the creators of those scripts are not around or don't exist anymore, and thats another thing, if you plan on running a script from someone else make sure the developer been around for some time and have a good reputation for keeping there scripts updated otherwise if you want to keep using them scripts after they fail to work know how to recode the scripts or be willing to pay someone to recode them when they quit working. For you that don't know what scripts are, it's a site or parts of a website that runs on php, java and other coding which could have over 10,000 files and many folders, I can tweek things around but I don't do the coding, I will have someone in the future doing it though.

Now the future of this site will continue the same as before, we will continue to giveaway free stuff like, good learning ebooks, training videos, safe software for everyday use on computers, free software for website creation, we will do better at checking out what we giveaway but so far most of it has been good and thousands have downloaded the products, we never been in contact with them, and we never had any complaints from anyone, we are not spammers and we hate spamming, as you know most marketers will spam you with email everyday with some kind crap. After the cleanup and fixing we are doing here the only thing different is you can now be a member here, and we will now offer free e-commerce website setups if you get your hosting through our affiliate links, plus theres the forum and a few other features members can now use.

Do Your Websites Need Cleanup And Fixes?

I wish nobody had the messes like I had, its bad for SEO and it's just taking up unneeded space on your server. I see a lot of websites with old content that is worthless for the things that are happening today on the internet, software products that are no good anymore because they don't work on newer computers but their still trying to sell the crap, links to sites that don't exist, site functions that don't work and more, all these are easy fixes if kept on top of, but it seem there may be many more like me out there who just get busy working on a new project and or just forget about the cleanup part of maintaining a website, even some popular websites I see problems that need cleanup or fixing. I was going through one of my old favorites bookmark folder from a few years back not to long ago and started checking them out, it was a lot of bookmarks I had saved and almost all the sites I saved or was a member of don't exist anymore, many sites come and go but were still here and will continue to serve you. :)

Well if you made it this far thanks for following along :) I hope this article will be of help for other website owners, not only will you look more professional but you will also get higher ranking on your site, oh and also keep your website as active as you can, an active site with good content will always get you higher ranking along with keeping the old stuff cleaned out. Even videos on your website may need cleanup or fixing, I was on a well known website recently and the video didn't work, because they were using a free video posting service, the free video service had changed the terms of service so the video no longer worked on there site. One last thing, keep your site load as fast as possible, and as for them pop-ups you have everywhere, I hate them and my guess is everybody also hates them, nothing worse than a website that take forever to load with pop-ups everywhere. I have the same programs and could do the same thing to my sites. I will never stay or ever go back to a website like that.

Enough of my mumbo jumbo on this subject :)  

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Thursday, February 23 2017 @ 05:45 PM PST
I started working on my sites after reading this Smile
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