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Forum Rules:

For now we have one rule here at the Free Income Site Forum:

"Treat Other Members As You Would Like To Be Treated!"

And now, for members who need specific rules, this is a start for now:

1) No bashing will be tolerated.
2) All spam posts will be deleted.
3) No affiliate links in posts.

All members just try to be respectful here.

Just to clarify ... Feel free to express your opinion on topics even if they are different from other peoples opinions. Debate is a good thing when done so respectfully. Personally we may not always agree with what you have to say, but we still want to hear your opinion.

We have no problem with signatures as long as people use common sense. Here's the Sig File Guidelines:

(1) Maximum length of your signature file is 3 lines.
(2) Font color must be black and standard (default) size. Of course, links will be blue.
(3) It is ok to bold or italicize your sig text.
(4) Affiliate links are allowed in sig.
(5) Most of you already know this, but I must say it anyway ... No sigs with porn, nudity, or hate will be tolerated. Again, let's just use common sense and respect each other.

We may change these rules as time goes on.


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