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All software here has been scanned for viruses but you should also scan it too.


HTML Editors

Bonus Downloads: How to videos on using the editor in members area.

Free Offer By KompoZer.

This free HTML editor lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the web. You don't have to know HTML to use this software, it is as easy to use as a word processor.

Toolbar buttons let you add lists, tables, images, links to other pages, colors, and font styles. You can see what your document will look like on the Web as you create it, and you can easily share your document with other users, no matter what type of browser or HTML-capable email program they use.

After creating some of our work with KompoZer we use the HTML-Kit below to correct the html, KompoZer is good to see what your making but the html is not always formated correctly.

Handy html editor plus...

I had this html kit on my PC for a few years and one day I opened it and started playing with it, what I learned is it will reformat and correct html code.

After creating my work with KompoZer I use this Html-Kit to make corrections. To do that go to actions, then tools, then html tidy, then [ Invoke HTML Tidy ]

Plus theres much more you can do with this software.

Download this on our site free or go to

We don't just give things away here, we use them so we do know it works.
webmaster_tools Webmaster Tools

The software has been designed in a question and answer format. You enter the variables and the wizards write the script for you. You do not need any JavaScript knowledge. You do however need rudimentary HTML skills. Most users should have little problem following the format. Some of the wizard pages have examples of what the script will look like on your page. The Script Tester is also a great way to check your code before you paste it into your document.

Each piece of generated code has instructions of where it should be pasted in your document. Some scripts have more than one part and you are given instructions on where to paste each part in your document.

Some of the scripts no longer work with the latest server upgrades but theres still some tools we use. It does come in handy :)
CCleaner Clean Browser History And More With CCleaner.

With this free software you are able to keep your web browsing  traces clean as often as you want, we clean our every time we close our browser to remove any history, it also repairs errors on your registry, you can use it to uninstall programs, control startup programs, it has duplicate file finder, drive wiper for any traces of deleted files, plus more.

Download the latest version here or visit CCleaner to download.
Password Manager
Free Password Manager!
You will love this password manager!

The program stores your passwords in a highly encrypted database. This database consists of only one file, so it can be easily transferred from one computer to another.

KeePass supports password groups, you can sort your passwords (for example into Windows, Internet, My Website, etc.). You can drag & drop passwords into other windows. The powerful auto-type feature will type user names and passwords for you into other windows. The program can export the database to various formats. It can also import data from various other formats (more than 35 different formats of other password managers, a generic CSV importer, ...) Plus more...

Download latest version here or go to KeePass.

Never trust a 3rd party to save your passwords on there system, control them yourself on your PC or a flash drive.
Screen Shoot-It
Very Nice Handy Piece Of Software!

This simple piece of software is so cool! Nothing to install, just unzip it and start using it. Capture images anywhere, PC or webpages or where ever you see it. Be careful of copyright laws though.

Don't know where I ever found this but its one of my favorite capture tools, I have a few screen capture tools but if I want something simple and fast I use this tool.
I Know You Will Love This! :)
Picture Resizer

What is PIXresizer?

PIXresizer is a tool for quickly generating screen-friendly versions of your images with dramatically reduced file sizes. It is a photo resizing program that enables you to quickly resize one file or a selection of image files for use on the web and in e-mail. The reduced files are saved in a different directory, so your original pictures are not changed.

The program offers several different resizing methods to choose from and can automatically recognize image sizes to calculate the best fit. PIXresizer includes a built-in image viewer and you can also convert between graphics formats: it opens and saves in .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif formats. A great companion for webmasters and digital photographers.

If it wasn't any good it would not be here.

You can download this latest version here or go to...

Create_3D_Box 3D Box Creator
You Must Have This!

This ugly box I made just took a few minutes.

You can adjust the size, depth, hight, width and more by using the sliders.

Create your own images for the front, top, and side for whatever your selling.

You can make it a box or ebook cover.

I have a premium 3D creator but a lot of times I'll just use this free simple software.

Download it here for free or...

If there still around go to...

I did check on the link above and this software is not available there, but they do have other free software that didn't interest me.


Free Open Source FTP

This free FTP software will transfer files from your computer to your server, and from your server to your computer.

FileZIlla has improved over the last few years, several years ago FileZIlla wasn't that great, it would fail on transfering so I used Smart-FTP which I had to pay for, and renew every year, but now the last couple years I've been using FileZIlla because of their improvements.

It has not failed on any of my transfers since I started using them again and so now I haven't needed to use any paid FTP programs since the FileZilla improvements.

Download it here or...

Go to FileZilla.


Warnings About Software On This Site.

Scan All Software After You Download It.
We do not guarantee any of this software or the effects it may have on your computers, what we can say it works on our computers from windows XP through window 10 without any problems, in fact it works better than some of the software we bought to do the same thing.

Most of this software is found online and is free to download, most of this software has update links built-in, but we do try to keep the latest updates here. Another thing, be careful where you download this software, there is no adware in any of this software here, but other sites I found have adware built into some of this software so if you don't download it here make sure you go to the original source.

Why is this free software is on our site? Its for you that don't know about it so you can do things for free, we want to make your life better so you don't need to spend any money to create your work if you don't need to.

Check Back Soon To See If We Added Anything!

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